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Contour Belt Gel Pads 4 Pack


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Couple with ab beltsBetter Comfort - More Effective
If you don't feel as much contraction of your muscles, even though you turn up the intensity, you may need fresh set gel pad electrodes. New electrodes will ensure a comfortable stimulation with a greater reach over more muscle and nerve fibers for maximum effectiveness.

The unique adhesive backing on the electrode was selected specifically for the Contour (CoreBelt) fabric and will adhere well over the useful life of the GelPad electrode.

Our Gel Pad design provides up to 30 sessions of active use. When the pads are worn-out, simply replace the with a fresh set and throw the old one's away.

Contour Muscle Stimulation provides a great workout at fraction of the cost of a gym membership or bulky exercise equipment, and you can exercise virtually anytime, anywhere.

Exclusively designed for Contour Technology products, these garment gel pad electrodes feature adhesive on one side and medical grade gel on the other. The large 2.75" x 5" design gives you a more comfortable experience.

  • Qty: 4
  • Size: 2.75" x 5"
  • Contour Belt Gel Pads 4 Pack
  • Contour Belt Gel Pads 4 Pack
  • Contour Belt Gel Pads 4 Pack
  • Contour Belt Gel Pads 4 Pack

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